Tub Grinder
H - 1000 SERIES II


3.12m Tub at flare

The "BIG BITE" tub measures 3,12m at the flare, 2,44m at the base, and a depth of 113,03 cm.




BIG BITE Hammerhill


The Big Bite Hammermill is 113,03 cm long, and at operating speed the hammers extended out to 66,04 cm in diameter. The 64 swinging hammers are arrenged on eight heavy duty hammer rods. These hammers have four hardened cutting edges. When the hammer`s cutting egde becomes worn it can be replaced by turning the hammer to the next available fresh, sharp cutting edge. The "BIG BITE" hammer`s can swing up to 180 degrees, thus limiting how far the hammers can lay back tough grinding conditions.



Flexible Grinding Capabilities 

Grinding hay  big round bales, loose hay, small and large square bales

Grinds crop residues - straw and other types

Grinds grain - corn (ear or shelled & high moisture) sorghum, and all cereal grains






Tub Drive

The "BIG BITE" tube is driven by a hydraulic motor through a heavy-duty roller chain. This Drive method provides for a responsive and smooth transmission of power to tub.




Electronic governor

 The tube rotational speed is controlled by the Duratech Electronic Governor. This Electronic governor allows the engine speed to remain constant, as the tub rotation speed varies to control the feed rate to the hammer hill






Eight belt drive system


  Adependable Eight Belt Drive System routes power from the tractor`s PTO and supplies it to the mill. This drive system turns the mill at approximately two times the tractor PTO speed. This higher mill speed provides smooth feeding and delivers high capacity grinding.




High Capacitiy Augers

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-   -   -  - -  -- -  The two heavy-duty and High Capacity Augers mounted in the belly pan, convey the product to the discharge conveyor. The auger and pan combination provides for a high-speed transfer of the product and for a clean, leak-free environment under the tube grinder. - Stacking conveyor raises and lowers hydraulically 18" Wide by 20` long stacking conveyor The product is taken away from the belly pan augers with a 18" wide by 20` Long High capacity Stacking Conveyor The Conveyor height is hydraulically controlled. A hefty Hydraulic cylinder transmits its lifting force to the conveyor throug a strong steel linkage system. It`s all controlled by an easy push or pull of a simple hydraulic lever. - High capacity in portable package